About the spa

The essence of your experience

The Amara concierge will customise your experience using the ancient healing philosophies of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. These precious jewels, each with its own physical and spiritual benefits, combined with the finest products, Arabian teas and authentic delicacies, ensure a personalised experience.
Relax, De-Stress, Calm
Naturally initiates serenity, peace and harmony

Revitalise, Defy Age, Protect
Regenerates and restores youthful vitality

Detoxify, Cleanse, Heal
Encourages physical cleansing and emotional healing

Energise, Clarify, Revive
Promotes clarity, and stabilises physical and emotional imbalance

Amara Brands

Natura Bissé
As one of the world’s most exclusive brands, Natura Bissé is an innovative leader in the development of high performance skincare products that are formulated with maximum concentrations of new ingredients and emulsions.

Anne Semonin
This exclusive spa range uses the vital forces of trace elements and essential oils in a marine or botanical active base. Unique serums and intensive complexes are customised for each individual skin type to ensure optimum results.

Aromatherapy Associates
Experience the power of aromatherapy with hand-blended oils sourced extensively from around the world. Results are achieved due to exceptional quality, purity and expert blending.

Green Bar
This boutique company based in Bahrain reflects a modern take on the region’s age-old Middle Eastern beauty rituals. The underlying theme of their products is a natural extravagance, simply taking the most beautiful and natural ingredients and celebrating them.

Hommage’s distinctive daily ritual has evolved into a bespoke spa experience. It is designed as a unique experience for men seeking a distinct personal grooming ritual to complement their lifestyle and transcend the everyday.